Nikon Announces D3X!


It’s here! After an information leak last week, Nikon has now officially announced the D3X. The 24.5 megapixel FX-format DSLR will be the new pro flagship camera for Nikon. MSRP is $7999.95 and not much has changed from the D3 with the exception of the new sensor. Those that were hoping for video or sensor cleaning will be disappointed. The D3X shoots 5fps in Continuous Shooting mode and images are 6,048 pixels on the long end. For full details and specs, click here.


4 thoughts on “Nikon Announces D3X!

  1. Amazing! When is the right time to buy? Going to purchase a D700 but have to wonder what else Nikon has lurking in the wings.

  2. Yep, it’s hard to judge what’s coming up. The D3x doesn’t make sense for most photographers. The D700 is the best full-frame body that Nikon has right now unless you’re shooting sports and need the 9fps that the D3 offers. But with a battery grip the D700 will do 8fps and you get built-in sensor cleaning. To me, the choice is clear.

  3. Camera companies are killing the megapixel horse. Just how many MPs do we need?! At 24.5 MPs that’s about a 75mb file. Ouch now to buy a tb harddrive. The D3x looks like its best home is in the studio not out on the streets doing the PJ job. Any way my D300 will do what I want till I wear it out.

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