Nikon D90 and D-Movie

While I was out to sea over the past few days I had a chance to shoot some video with my D90 and get a better feel for what D-Movie is all about. Just so you know, I only use D-Movie at the 720p HD resolution.

I shot some footage of my ship during a couple of cool evolutions to get some action. The 24 fps that the D90 cranks out is good, but not something you would want to shoot with if you were using it for serious video. It works pretty good, but I could tell I was only getting 24 fps which bothered me. I didn’t buy the D90 for the D-Movie mode.

The audio quality of the video is actually fairly impressive. The microphone is very vulnerable to wind and other noise but overall it’s better than most mics you’ll find on point-and-shoots. In the video below I pulled the audio because it was too windy and that’s all you would have heard.

I think the D90 is great for capturing everyday footage. For those purposes D-Movie rocks. I think I will be able to have a lot of fun with it and dabble a bit in the video world. I can see myself using the D90 more to do tutorials and other such tasks to help demonstrate what I’m doing with my photography. Will I produce a movie with it? I think not.


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