New: Orbis Ring Flash Adapter

There’s a new kid on the block in the world of light modifiers. It’s the Orbis Ring Flash Adapter and it’s sure to give the Ray Flash a run for it’s money. Ring flash is one of those types of lighting that was reserved for those photogs who have lots of cash to buy fancy ring flashes that are similar to a monolight. Those of us who are “strobists” were kind of left out, that is until this year.

Quick Features Rundown

  • Price: $169.00 plus $16.99 shipping to the US
  • Does not block sensors on your flash or prevent the use of TTL, CLS, etc.
  • One size fits most (see website for details)
  • Requires off-camera sync (either cord, CLS, Cactus V2s, Pocket Wizard, etc.)
  • Not used with flash mounted in hot shoe, preventing possible camera damage due to stress on the hot shoe.

For further details, images, and FAQ check out the

Orbis website



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