Wednesday Quick Links

Hey everyone! Welcome to another edition of Quick Links! In addition to a few great links to check out, I also want to give you a few updates too.

First off, my posts could be few and far between this week. I may have to get underway on the ship which will prevent me from updating the blog. If that’s the case, please bare with me and I will update it again as soon as I am able to. I will most likely be writing a lot so as soon as I can upload some updates I will be sure to do just that. I appreciate your understanding!

Next, I got my 18-135mm lens back from Nikon on Friday and I am happy to report that it works great! They basically cleaned and tested it and that seems to have corrected any problems that I was having with it. I was also impressed by how quickly they turned it around. It only took about 2 weeks, which is far shorter than I expected.

Now, on to the links! Be sure to check these out!

That’s it for today. Have a great day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


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