Leaving Early and Arriving Late

Sunset Cliffs-7 It’s another Monday morning and I couldn’t think of a better topic that Arriving Early and Arriving Late.  Kind of fitting for a Monday don’t you think?  As a photographer this is one of my pet peeves and I’m about to tell you why it bothers me so much.

Being punctual is very important no matter what type of photography you specialize in.  Especially if you’re clients are paying you.  Arrive late to a wedding, forget about it… you’re finished.  That bride will tell everyone she knows that her photographer (the person who was supposed to capture every single tiny detail of HER special day) showed up late.  Ouch.

But that’s not what I’m really here to talk about.  Today I’m talking about landscape photography.  The most beautiful light of the day is right before sunrise and just after sunset.  There is also some pretty nice light right around those times too.  That is when you want to be out shooting.  Anything in between those times will give you harsh, bright light that washes out the color in the landscapes you are trying to shoot. 

On Friday I went out to Sunset Cliffs here in San Diego to walk around and shoot.  As I’m grabbing my camera bag out of my car and getting my camera out I see a man and woman (both holding DSLR cameras) walking back to their car.  This is about 3:50pm and the sun sets just before 5:00pm!  I’m thinking to myself, ‘Where in the heck are you going?!  The light is just getting good!’

So if you want to get great, natural light for sunrises and sunsets you have to be willing to get up early and miss dinner a few times to get those really great shots.  Don’t Leave Early or Arrive Late!  By the way, that’s when the pros will be out too. 


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