Thursday Quick Tip: Using Plug-Ins In Photoshop To Speed Up Your Photographic Workflow

PS LogoSorry about the really long title, but I just couldn’t come up with another way to word it and get my point across at the same time.  And it’s a Quick Tip day.

Every digital photo that is captured needs some sort of post production.  I don’t care if you’re shooting with a Hasselblad, you’re going to need to do some post.  If you’re not Photoshop savvy  you could wind up spending a whole lot of time working on photos in Photoshop and that takes away from the time you could be shooting.  After all, we’re photographers, right? 

Plug-ins are pieces of software written by people who have spent a LOT of time in PS and understand that their needs to be a way to work faster.  Plug-ins can do everything from providing edge effects, to sharpening, to totally tuning up your photo with one simple click.  Most of the really popular plug-ins allow you to customize the action that you apply in their software too, which gives you the creative freedom to tweak the results to your liking.  Plug-ins really do save you a lot of time. 

Here’s a couple of links to some really popular Photoshop plug-ins.  You can also search Google and you’ll come up with quite a few others too.  The one’s I mention below all offer free trials too!

OnOne Software
Nik Software
Alien Skin Software

That’s it for this Thursday quick tip.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow to wrap things up for the weekend!


One thought on “Thursday Quick Tip: Using Plug-Ins In Photoshop To Speed Up Your Photographic Workflow

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the pointer to the Nik Software free trial software! There are also 70+ videos on our website (most 2-4 minutes long) that help introduce and explain the products.

    (full disclosure – I work for Nik and stumbled across your blog!)

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