Nikon Service / Fotolia Stock Photography Update

300px-Nikon_logo.svg I thought I would update you with the latest and greatest going on with Nikon Service and my 18-135mm lens.  I shipped it to Nikon a week ago, Friday.  They received it this past Monday.  Last Thursday I received an e-mail from Nikon with my estimate.  There was no charge for the repair as it was covered under warranty.

Because the repair was free, I wasn’t required to approve the work.  If you have to have repairs performed that you (the customer) are required to pay for, then Nikon asks that you approve and pay for the repairs before they perform the work.  This prevents the old “shady mechanic” trick of performing repairs without asking the customer first.  Now I’ll have to wait and see how long it takes them to repair the lens and send it back to me.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

As far as my Fotolia experience goes, I have some news to report.  I had submitted about 6 images to them for approval.  They rejected all of them.  Now I don’t take this to heart, but instead use it as a learning tool.  Here’s how the rejections broke down:

  • 5 of the images were rejected for quality; they were taken with my D40
  • 1 of the images was said to be photographically excellent, but they felt the content wasn’t suited for their buyers and it was therefore rejected.  That image was shot with my D90.

What can I take away from this?  Stock editors look at all their images at 100% and nit-pick like crazy.  (Hey, it’s their job.)  My D40 had some spots on the sensor and I’m sure that I didn’t get those ALL taken care of.  (I really need to wet clean my D40’s sensor.)  They don’t give you any explanation as to why your images were rejected.  My guess is that it as the sensor spots.

The reviewing or validation process took about 3 days.  From what I have read, that’s pretty good compared to some other microstock agencies.  I now have more gear for my home studio that will better enable me to take images that would work for stock and I plan to shoot and submit more images.  The experience is WELL worth the trouble!


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