iPhone Camera: I’m Still Impressed

IMG_0079_edit The iPhone camera still impresses me to this day.  Whenever I want to grab a quick shot of something I see, I go to it.  Sometimes I just don’t have time to pull out a DSLR. 

As small and uncontrollable as the iPhone camera is, it simply blows my mind how good a photo it takes. 

I shot this while driving to San Diego on the interstate one afternoon.  I composed, clicked, and BOOM: exactly what I was seeing while I was driving.  I couldn’t live without my iPhone… there’s just no way.

Because the iPhone camera is so cool, Scott Kelby even decided to sponsor an iPhone Camera Contest which just recently wrapped up.  I’ll be interested to see the images of the winners.  You can read more about the contest over at Kelby Training.  (Here’s the link.)


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