Photos With The D90

As you can probably imagine, I have been shooting like crazy with my new D90.  Since we are all settled in our new home in San Diego, I have been able to spend more time taking photos which has been really great.  And on that note, here’s a few that I have taken recently:

Boy's Face

Pool Fun-1


Rocking Chair

Needless to say, I’ve had a lot of fun with this camera.  To answer the question that I know you’re already thinking of asking, yes I will be doing a review soon.  I just want to have another week or so with the camera under my belt to make sure that I cover all the important information that will be useful to you.

The D90 is a great camera body and I don’t regret not buying the D300 one bit.  The electronics in the D90 are identical (in almost every way) to those in the D300.  I thought that I would miss the 1/250 flash sync speed, at least until I watched this awesome video from David Ziser about cheating your flash sync speed!

Ok, I have to shut up now otherwise I won’t have any content for my review!  Have a great Tuesday everybody!


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