Camera Profiles from Adobe Labs

Yesterday I talked about shooting in RAW and what the benefits are that we as photographers gain by shooting that format with our DSLRs.  Today I’m going to talk about something fairly new that Adobe has started doing that will help out when bringing your RAW files into post to finish them up.

One of the things I have always loathed about shooting RAW is the fact that the images I get on my computer to start working with very seldom look like they did on my LCD monitor on my camera.  This can be very frustrating.  The reason this happens is because the image that’s displayed on your camera’s LCD is actually a JPEG that the camera creates for the preview.  That image is based off of certain profiles that are part of your camera’s firmware. 

When you import images into your camera manufacturer’s software the images usually look very close to what you saw in your LCD.  That’s because their software uses the same profiles that are in the camera.  Makes sense huh?

Adobe Labs now has camera profiles for both Nikon and Canon that are available for download on their website.  (Here’s the link)  You can download these profiles and then install and use them with Adobe Camera Raw 4.5 or Lightroom 2.0 or higher.  These profiles give you a better starting point from which to begin editing your images and when applied, your images will look a lot more like what they did on your LCD. 

Matt Kloskowski has a great video to explain how to install and begin using these camera profiles on his blog: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips.  Rather than re-write the tutorial here, click the link above and go check out Matt’s video.  You will be glad that you did after you know how to download and install the camera profiles.

Thanks to Adobe Labs for helping us photographers save time and frustration with our RAW files!  Thanks guys!


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