Wednesday’s Quick Links

Here’s a few photography links to help get your over the “Hump” and through the rest of your week!

  1. Check out some of the really cool presets over at Matt Kloskowski’s Lightroom Killer Tips blog!  Besides presets, there is a TON of great Lightroom info in his blog.
  2. The guys over at Camera Porn (not pornographic like you’re thinking and totally work safe) have a list of 60 photography links that you can’t live without.  Here’s the link to the post!
  3. Vincent Laforet’s short film “Reverie”  is now back online and available for viewing.  It was shot with the Canon 5D Mk II (Canon’s video-capable DSLR) and I have to tell you, the video is VERY impressive.  Here’s the link.
  4. Brad Moore is no longer working for Joe McNally as his assistant and is heading off to work with Scott Kelby and the folks at NAPP.  Read Joe’s farewell to Brad on his blog.  Here’s the link.

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