Money Saving Idea For Your Photography Business

If you are just starting out in your photography business (or are thinking about starting one) then I’m sure you are concerned with the same thing that each and every business owner is concerned with: money.

I don’t usually post a lot about the business side of things because after all, my blog is mainly about… well, photography.  But hey, who isn’t into the idea of saving some cash?  If you find a person that isn’t, please send them my way!

If you have a small photography business or are thinking about starting your own and maybe working out of your home, consider out-sourcing some of the “office-type” things you don’t do a whole lot of.  This can really save you a bundle of up-front equipment costs.  Sure, we all need a computer and a basic printer to print invoices and other documents.  But do you really need that fax machine for sending a few faxes a month or that elaborate color laser jet printer to print some fancy fliers you made in Photoshop?  Then answer is “No”.  For jobs like this you can go to your local FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s) or local print shop and have the work done.  I guarantee that they have much better equipment than you can afford and you won’t have to front a lot of money for office equipment you occasionally use. 

Another money-saving tip is to outsource your photo printing.  Even the best ink jet printers on the market will not yield the same results that you will get from a printer that uses chemicals and prints on REAL photo paper.  Sure, a $100 Canon, Epson, or HP ink jet photo printer will give you some great prints but there is still no comparison to a “real” lab with “real” printers.  Ink jets are ok for little one-off jobs or personal use but I would never sell a client prints that didn’t come from a lab.  Even the lab at my local Costco is great and I can get my prints in an hour or less.  But for most of my printing needs I use

Those two tips could potentially save you a lot of dough and they are worth seriously considering.  Save the fancy office equipment and printers for the day when you’re selling files for $2,500 like Vincent Laforet.


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