Cactus V2s Triggers: The Official Trigger of Stephen Zeller | Photography

Because of the great use and trouble-free shooting that I have gotten out of my Cactus V2s triggers, I’ve decided to make them the Official Wireless Flash Trigger of Stephen Zeller Photography.

Some people call them eBay triggers, some people even go as far as to call them “Poverty Wizards” (insinuating that those of us who use them aren’t able to afford Pocket Wizards).  Nonetheless, I can’t argue with the reliability that I have experienced with this inexpensive wireless radio slave.

Now, I’m not getting any kickbacks or royalties by naming these babies my “Official Wireless Flash Trigger” so please don’t think I’m getting rich off of releasing this statement. 

If you would like to try these out for yourself then head on over to the following two sites where you can order your very own “Official Trigger of Stephen Zeller Photography:

Midwest Photo Exchange (US)

Gadget Infinity (Hong Kong)


4 thoughts on “Cactus V2s Triggers: The Official Trigger of Stephen Zeller | Photography

  1. Hello. I bought a pair of receivers with a trigger due to your recommendation several months ago. I, too, am very happy with their performance! I have a question though. I am probably missing something, but when I attach the speedlight to the receiver and attach the receiver to a light stand, it is very wobbly and if you bump it, the speedlight will tumble. Is this just how they are, or did I not get a part with mine? (Or does what I’m saying even make sense?) Thanks!

  2. Hi Marci,

    There could be a couple of things that are causing this:

    If the speedlight isn’t secured on the receiver (by the same means that you would secure it to the hotshoe of your camera) then I could see it slipping out of the receiver if it wasn’t nice and snug.

    If not the above, is it just simply that your light stand gets top-heavy? This is common, especially for stands that go higher than 8 feet and it will be the case no matter what light you put on it. If this is the case then I would suggest some homemade sand bags. You can buy a 20 lb bag of play sand from your local hardware, Lowe’s, or Home Depot store for a few bucks and then put it in some 1-gallon Ziplock freezer bags. Hang them on the supports for the legs of your lightstand and BAM, your lightstnad is now much more stable. I may just have to write a post to demonstrate this.

    Your reciver should always attach securely to the post on your lightstand and if it doesn’t then I would advise that you attach your speedlight to the stand directly and use the PC Sync cable to connect your receiver to your flash (if your flash supports it). If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

    Here’s a link to a shot of my SB800 with my Cactus V2s receiver:


    Best regards,


  3. Thanks for the info and the photo! The problem I’m having is securing the receiver to the light stand (or, more precisely, the umbrella swivel bracket at the end of the light stand). The bracket I have has a shoe-mount attachment. I can slide the receiver into that, but there is no way to lock it down. Looking at your picture, your bracket looks a little different. How do you attach the receiver to your bracket? Maybe I just need a different bracket.

  4. Hi Marci,

    I have an SP Systems umbrella bracket that has a stud at the top of it with a 1/4″ threaded fitting that allows me to screw my receiver onto the stud via the threaded hold in the bottom of the bracket on my receiver. Your receiver should have the same thing. That keeps is pretty secure and it’s by far the best solution I have seen. You can pick up the SP Systems bracket for about $14.00 from B&H Photo.

    I hope that helps.

    Best regards,


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