Save Money with Higher ISO Performance

25446_D90_top Since I don’t have a tree in my back yard that I can go and pick money off of what when I need some, I have to decide carefully about what purchases I make when it comes to gear.  This can be tough because I usually have to sacrifice one thing for another.  The good news is that technology is actually helping out these days.  Imagine that!

Today’s cameras like the new Nikon D90 are capable of performing very well when set to higher ISO settings.  How does this help you save money?  If you buy a camera that performs really well at higher ISO settings then you can get away with not having really fast glass like the Nikkor 70-200mm f 2.8 zoom lens that will set you back AT LEAST $1,630.00!  You could use the Nikkor 70-300mm VR zoom lens instead and it would only cost you $480.00.  That’s a HUGE savings and your images quality wouldn’t suffer. 

If you really needed a big expensive lens for something special like shooting sports, then you could look at renting a lens for a week from LensProToGo and save yourself a load of cash over purchasing a lens you might not use all that often.

Buying the D90 is almost a no-brainer because of it’s “a lot of bang for your buck” factor.  If you need proof of it’s performance and want to see how it stacks up against it’s more expensive D3, D300, and D200 counterparts then check out the ISO 3,200 Comparison and Sharpness Comparison from Ken Rockwell.  The proof is in the images.

If you still think you need to spend loads of cash to get really great images, have great lighting, or do anything else photography related then please contact me as soon as possible.  I have a piece of prime real estate for sale.  It’s right on the ocean in Arizona!


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