Which New Nikon Body Would You Buy?

Hey there! I decided to make today a no-blog day (but ask for your input instead) as I will be spending today trying to decide what Nikon body to buy next. This purchase will become my primary body, so I’m trying to choose carefully.

I’ve narrowed it down to the following:
– D90
– D300
– D700

Financially speaking, I could buy the D90 and the D300 for what I can buy the D700 for.

I could also buy the D300, some glass and accessories for what I would pay for the D700.

On the lower end, I could go with the D90 only and save even more for glass and accessories. (Although there would be some features that I would be giving up with the D90 that I would get with the D300. But I would gain 720p HD video!)

I will always have my D40 so that could make an acceptable backup body.

How about you let me know what you would do? Please spare the comments about buying Canon since Im a Nikon guy and that’s what I am going to buy. Other than that, I would love to hear your ideas. Please post them in the comments for everyone to see. I will be away from e-mail for a couple weeks but I am anxious to hear what you have to say!


One thought on “Which New Nikon Body Would You Buy?

  1. Stephen,
    My choice would not be the D90. First off the video is not a must have in my book. And I am sure the body is not as durable nor the the shutter as the D300. The D700 would be a nice choice but w/ the res as the D300 I’ll save the $1200 and buy the D300. Oh wait I already have the D300 but need to spend the $1200 on some fast glass. My opinion, You asked!

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