Photos With The iPhone

I posted last week about (as well as from) my new iPhone.  In the upcoming weeks I will be periodically posting different things about the iPhone and what I like and don’t like.  After I spend some more time with it, I plan on posting a full review.

To be clear, I bought the new iPhone 3G which is the 2nd generation phone from Apple.  I bought it from the Apple Store in Jacksonville, FL and I have completely fallen in love with it.  I was going to just go to the AT&T store, but when I called to check availability, the sales person I spoke with didn’t seem that excited about selling me the phone.  Thanks to the gang at the Apple Store for setting me up!

Before I get too far off-topic, I’ll get on with what I am really here to tell you about: taking photos with the iPhone.  In order to test it’s capabilities, I tried to shoot in a couple of different environments to see how it would perform.  I got some pretty good shots and will compare a few of them here for you. 

What I really love about the iPhone and the camera, is that if I see something that I like or that inspires me, I can capture it right then and there.  Sure, you can do that with most any cell phone these days.  What make the iPhone great is that it easily integrates with your Mac or PC to bring the photos onto your computer.  You can then edit, upload, or do whatever you want with them.  Most cell phones you have to e-mail them to yourself to get them onto your computer.  For me, that’s just too much work.

Below are some photos that I took with the iPhone.  I have included two versions.  The first image will be as captured by the camera and the second will be after I did a little post work in Photoshop (Lab Color move and sharpening).  This way you can see what the results would be of both.  (Click for larger image.)

IMG_0018   IMG_0018_edit

IMG_0031   IMG_0031_edit

IMG_0033  IMG_0033_edit

IMG_0045  IMG_0045_edit

As you can see, the image quality of the iPhone camera is pretty good.  Nothing too spectacular, but at 2MP it takes some pretty good photos.  Good enough to be used for a lighting file or to grab a quick shot of something you might miss while trying to grab your camera from your bag. 

Now, what I don’t like about the camera: I really wish that it had better resolution than it does.  2MP isn’t bad, but it could be better.  Not that I’m going to be using my iPhone to take photos for stock photography or anything of the sort, but I think it could still be a little better than it is.  I also would like to have a little more control over the camera.  I would like to be able to make white balance changes with the camera itself, but that functionality isn’t there.  There is also no zoom and you cannot take video.  Those are all small complaints compared to the iPhone’s overall functionality, and they in no way make me regret my purchase.  I’m just being honest about what I like and don’t.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the camera and photos that it takes considering the fact that it is primarily a cell phone and internet device.  For what I am going to use it for, it will work perfectly and much better than some of the other options out there.  I think that the iPhone is a must have for photographers and there are several photogs that I know that own them already.  Given the fact that you can snap fairly good images quickly, save and organize them, and even upload them right to Flickr, Photobucket, SmugMug there is no doubt that this IS the mobile device for photographers.


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