Photo Update From Mayport, FL

Domino Yes, I know… it’s been awhile.  But I have finally had the chance to do a little updating and get some work done on the blog.  We have been quite busy out at sea and I knew I would have a little down time to get some more info. to you once we got to Mayport, FL. 

Interestingly enough, getting into Mayport would be a little tougher than we thought due to Tropical Storm Fay.  She played havoc on our arrival and we had to stay at sea another three days to allow her to pass. 

Sailing The photo you see above is a shot of the Domino sugar factory that I took while sailing around the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, MD.  The sign is the largest free-standing neon sign in the country.  The ‘dot’ on top of the [i] is over six feet tall!  Speaking of sailing, below is a shot I took of what we went sailing on.  Not bad at all, but pretty small.  It gave me a great perspective of the harbor and I did manage to get some good shots.


Raven Cheerleaders While in Baltimore, there was a great group of folks who put on a Maryland Blue Crab feast on the pier for our crew.  That was quite an incredible experience.  I ate the most delicious crab cakes I had ever had in my life that night!  I was stuffed, but getting to shoot photos of the crew with some of the Ravens cheerleaders made me feel a little better. 

DDG-104 Comm Day USS STERETT DDG-104 was commissioned on August 9, 2008 at the South Locust Point Marine Terminal at 7:30 pm in an amazing ceremony.  This shot I took in the early afternoon to give you an idea of what the setup was like and how our ship looked.  We were all very proud and the more than 5,000 guests in attendance were in awe.  What a great day for the United States Navy, the world’s best!

Inner Harbor Last but not least, we spent quite a bit of time in the Inner Harbor on liberty during our commissioning week.  There were a lot of great restaurants and stores there to eat, drink, and shop in.  The whole crew had a great time as did I.  My camera was with me nearly all the time! 

I hope you enjoyed the shots and I will be bringing you more as we have a couple more liberty ports to hit before returning to our home port of San Diego, CA.  I will update you as often as I can and hopefully bring you some great photo gouge along the way!

Until next time,



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