Long Awaited Update – And More Photos Too!

We have been busy, busy, busy on the ship and I wanted to take a minute to update you all on what’s been going on.  I have been shooting as much as I can, but I just haven’t had the time to update the blog.  I hate that, but there is no way around it.

I got the chance to try my hand at aerial photography one day out to sea.  We brought a helicopter out for Deck Landing Qualifications and the pilots agreed to take me up with them so I could get some aerial shots of the ship.  During our Bravo Sea Trial, the BIW photographer, Mike Nutter, could not get up to take shots due to weather.  So here’s a few that I got from that day and I hope that you enjoy them!







_DSC0113 _DSC0327


I had a blast getting these shots and I hope you enjoy them!  I’m down here in Baltimore, MD for our Commissioning ceremony.  Don’t worry, I will have plenty more pictures to post this week.  I have been super busy shooting and I’ll have a little more time off to make some updates!  Maybe if David Hobby from the Strobist is in town, he can come down the ship, get a tour, and give me some pointers!  Who knows?!  Have a great week!!!!


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