Nikon’s Newest: The D700

Yeah, I thought it was a joke too… but it’s not!  Nikon has announced the newest member of it’s camera arsenal, the D700.  I predict that this camera is going to sell like crazy!!!  Why?  It’s essentially a D3 in the body of a D300!  Granted, there are a few differences, but the combination of price and features hits right in between the D300 and the D3.

It features the same FX Format, 12.1 Megapixel, CMOS sensor that the D3 does and wraps it all nice in need in the body of the D300.  D3 image quality in a D300 package!  What’s not to love? 

Well, it doesn’t feature the same fps speeds of the D3.  It will shoot 5 fps by itself and 8 fps with the MB-D10 battery pack (optional), much like the 6 fps/8 fps of the D300.  The D3 shoots 9 and 11 fps based on whether or not you are using the High Speed Crop feature. 

The other nice point of this camera body is the price.  B&H Photo has them listed at $2,995.00 and expects them to arrive in their store in August.  For those that want the D3 but can’t afford the price, this is Nikon’s way of meeting you in the middle.  I wouldn’t be upset. 

The FX Format gives you the full frame advantage, equal to the size of a 35mm negative.  So if you love to go wide with a 14mm or even 10mm lens, you are really going to enjoy the new perspective you will achieve with FX vs. DX. 

You can learn more about this incredible camera here, and you can order yours here.


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