On Location: Newport, Rhode Island


I hope everyone had a great July 4th!  I spent an incredible weekend with my wife and three awesome kids hanging out in Newport, Rhode Island while my ship is in for a port visit.  We had a great time exploring, shopping, and I even got to take a few pictures!  I didn’t spend a whole lot of time shooting since this was a little mini-vacation for us.  I may have a little time for a few more shots before we leave here, and if I get some good ones I’ll be sure to share them with you. 

Look at the picture above.  Not too bad, but do you want to know how guys like Moose Peterson get such good wildlife shots?  It’s because they’ve got some really long lenses!  I shot the image above with an 18-135mm Nikkor zoom.  It’s not a bad lens, but I was at 135mm and probably about 50 feet from the seagull and there was no way he was letting me get any closer.  Even a 200mm lens here would have helped a lot.  I tried to get a little closer and before I knew it he was gone.  Take a lens like a 400mm or 600mm and you can get in close while still keeping your distance. 

All in all, my visit to Newport has been a great one.  I’ll leave you with a couple more shots I took yesterday.  I’ve got some more cool stuff coming up this week, so be sure to stop back by.  See you then!  🙂




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