Preparing to Depart Maine

zune I wanted to write today to let you know that my time in Maine is up and it’s nearly time to get underway and start our trip to San Diego.  I have really enjoyed my time living in Maine and got the chance to take some wonderful shots.  Maine truly is a very beautiful State and the weather isn’t that bad (four months out of the year)! 

I will be sailing away with my new ship shortly and I’m looking forward to getting back out to sea and doing some more shooting in the ports we stop and visit.  I promise, there will be more good things to come! 

With all that said, I won’t be able to update the blog as much as I would like to so I hope you will stay with me and hold out for the updates (when they finally do come).  I’ve slowly been bring my personal effects on board the ship and stowing them securely.  As a matter of fact, I recently picked up a Microsoft Zune to provide me with some underway entertainment.  It’s got a 3.2″ screen and plays mp3 files as well as video so I can watch TV shows, podcasts, and movies.  I’ll probably review that here later, after I have a little more time to play with it. 

I hope you all have a kick-ass week and I look forward to keeping you abreast of what the Navy is doing with it’s newest Destroyer and I’ll be sure to have plenty of great images (along with all the tech data about how I set up for them too) for you to enjoy.  See you tomorrow!  🙂


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