Tuesday Photo News


We made it through Monday and so here is some of what is happening in the world of photography this week!

  • One of the photogs that I follow, Ken Rockwell, recently had a new baby girl.  She was born on May 28th, 2008 (my birthday)!  He’s already got a few pictures up of her, so go check it out!
  • Scott Kelby posted a short video of what it’s like to be at Photoshop World!  I highly encourage you to watch the clip, but I’m warning you now… it will REALLY make you want to go to Photoshop World!  (As if you didn’t want to go already, right?)  Here’s the link!
  • Check out the review that Steve Anchell wrote in Shutterbug of the Nikon D3.  I have been waiting to read this for quite some time and here it is!
  • Jessica Claire, named one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world by American Photo Magazine has recently started consulting other photographers.  Here prices are steep, but if you want to learn from one of the best in the biz, that’s the price you pay!  Click here to find out more.

That’s it for today’s edition of Tuesday Photo News, stop back by tomorrow for more gouge from the digital photography world!  I’ll try and write something interesting!  Have a great day!


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