"Digital Negatives" in Lightroom

After my post yesterday, I had a few people e-mail and ask about how to create those “digital negatives” with Lightroom.  So today I’m going to explain how to set up Lightroom to do just that.

When you are in the Library module in Lightroom, click on the Import button at the lower-left side of the screen.  Lightroom will then prompt you to choose the location from which you are going to import your images.  After you select it, you will see the Import dialog box.


Ensure that you check the box next to “Backup to:” and choose a folder on your external hard drive as the location where you want to send those digital negatives.  (I circled it in red above.)  Then simply continue with the import as you normally would and Lightroom takes care of the rest!  Pretty simple eh?  (Okay, I’ve really been in Maine for far too long.)

Have fun storing your brand new digital negatives and as always you can leave a comment or shoot an e-mail my way if you have questions.  Have a great day!


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