That Magical Light

BIW_Crane There is only a couple of times throughout the day when you can have the most wonderful, magical, gorgeous natural light that exists.  Those two time are right around sunrise and sunset.  Just before the sun comes up and just after it goes down, the naturally occurring ambient light is spectacular! 

The photo you see on your left I shot this week right in the shipyard at Bath Iron Works.  They were using a crane to repair another crane and I wanted a close-up of that.  But when I observed the scene as a whole, I saw an opportunity and I jumped on it!  The photo was taken at about 0545 in the morning!  (The sun rises and sets a little earlier here in Maine.)  The water was as still as could be and the light was just perfect.  I had my D40 set on Manual, F 11 at 1/250th and Auto White Balance.

Getting back to the light, if you want to shoot in that window of opportunity then you need to get up early and stay out late.  You can shoot from about 30 minutes before sunrise until the light from the sun becomes too harsh and you can shoot from about sunset until about 30 minutes after.  It is at those two times of the day when natural light is at it’s best.   And as much as I would love to shoot portraits in this light, it’s hard to convince your clients that they need to meet you at 5 AM to get ready to start the shoot. 

Now it’s your turn to get out there and shoot at these two times of day and see if you don’t agree.  Send me your images and I’ll post them on my blog for everyone to see!  Have a great week and I’ll be back tomorrow with some more updates and news.  🙂


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