Happy Accidents


We have all had it happen to us… and we never complain about it.  The resulting images usually are excellent ones and are worthy of showing off.  However, it is a problem when a photographer counts on them ALL THE TIME.  It’s a not a position that you want to be in.  We should all strive to be consistent, knowledgeable artists who are capable of producing quality images and not “happy accidents”.

The image above was taken by a sailor on my ship who is interested in photography and wanted to shoot a few shots with my camera since I had my lighting set up already to shoot some more portraits.  I already had exposure, lighting, and white balance settings dialed in and I was ready to shoot.  The shot was snapped at just the right moment and the resulting image was very good.  Lots of drama because of the lighting and you will notice that the light is soft because the subject was very close to my light source. 

To summarize, do your homework and practice, practice practice!  It’s the only way to hone your skills and become a better photographer.  My desire to constantly improve and get better is what drives me to shoot as often as I can. 

Have a great week and I’ll be back with more great photography gouge this week!


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