1st Time Shooting with a Canon EOS 30D


On Friday I got tasked with a quick shoot and work and for once in my life, I didn’t have my trusty Nikon D40 with me.  I had to punt.  Our ship has a Canon EOS 30D and that was pretty much my only resort.  Our Executive Officer had just gotten his Nikon D300, but I wasn’t going to ask him to use it since I don’t think he has even used it yet (although he told me I could use it any time I needed to).  I’m pretty sure that it’s “Man-Law” not to use another man’s toy prior to his first use.  Anyway, I got the 30D and headed out.  I was simply shooting the shipyard’s installation of a metal shield containing the crest for the DDGRON painted on it. 

The 30D felt clunky and awkward in my hands.  Probably due to the fact that I haven’t ever been a Canon shooter.  I wasn’t familiar at all with any of the controls, but was able to figure them out.  The LCD is HORRIBLE!  All images on the LCD look bright, overexposed, and washed out.  I had to use the histogram to ensure that I was getting images that were close to being properly exposed.  The ship uses the camera to shoot in JPEG so I had no worries there.  I wouldn’t personally, but since I was using it this one time I wasn’t going to hassle with RAW.  I am not the one processing the images anyway, so it was just easier to use JPEG.  The shutter was clunky and made me feel like the camera was moving in my hands.  I really missed the smooth and soft shutter of my D40.  Other than that, I can’t really fairly comment on the camera.  Those were just a few things I noticed while snapping off the 20 or so frames I took. 

To sum it all up, I won’t be trading my Nikon for a Canon anytime soon.  Maybe it’s because I’m comfortable with my Nikon, but I wasn’t attracted to the Canon at all.  Sorry Canon, I like my Nikon way too much!


2 thoughts on “1st Time Shooting with a Canon EOS 30D

  1. Canon? You’re brave!!! You should have bought the XO an ice cream from the ever popular Crews Mess, taken his D300 and showed him how it’s done!!!

    Stockdale christening Saturday. I plan on being there.

  2. Come on guys, you’re just being mean to Canon! πŸ˜‰

    This is interesting. I would have liked to field test a Canon. I am sure Canon and Nikon are comparable in image quality, otherwise, we wouldn’t have the ongoing Nikon vs Canon debate; one or the other would just be the choice. I tried Canon in the camera shop, and other brands, but kept coming back to NIKON because it felt right in my hands. The only Canon I would have considered was the new 40D, which is a great improvement over the 30D, but out of my price range. Anyway, I have now made the Nikon commitment and there’s no turning back! and I LOVE my D40x πŸ™‚

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