Tuesday’s Tip: Adding Texture To Your Light

Princess_ChairHere’s a little trick I learned from David Hobby when it comes to adding texture to your light.  I played around with it a little this week and you can see what I came up with.  I had a plain white wall to work on and so I used an SB28 with a pink gel and fired it through a water glass from my kitchen.  I lit Abbi with my homemade 1/2″ grid spot.  (Another little trick I picked up from David.)   Click the image for a larger view.

You can use a lot of interesting things to fire your flash through to make your light look cool and interesting.  Could you imagine how boring it would have looked if I would have just fired the flash onto the plain wall?  It would have been more interesting than a white wall, but still… you get the idea. 

Try it out for yourself and see what you can create.  Post your comments with links to your shots!


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