Visit to Calumet Photo in San Diego


Yesterday I stopped in at Calumet Photographic here in San Diego. I’m sure you have seen their ads in many of your favorite photography magazines. They also make the Travelite monolights which are touted as being a great studio strobe. I went in to pick up some sensor cleaning materials and I ended up buying an Arctic Butterfly 724 based on the recommendation of Christy, who performs all in-house sensor cleanings. I also met Mahlon Miller who is the store’s manager and also a retired Navy Photographer’s Mate. The staff there are really friendly and helpful and their prices are very fair as well. Most of them are right in there with B&H Photo. So now I’ll have a local camera shop to hang out at when I get back here to San Diego. If you’re in need of some gear and you’re in San Diego, stop on by. Here’s the link to the details on their San Diego store.  Image courtesy of Calumet Photographic.

Scroll down to see some of the shots I got while out and about yesterday.


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