Photo News Wednesday

There’s quite a buzz this week among those in the photography biz.  Here’s the scoop on what’s happening:

  • Photoshop World wrapped up the end of last week and we are beginning to see some of the incredible things that happened (more like what I missed!).  Scott Kelby posted some pictures and link to the “official photos” on his blog and you can see for yourself what you missed out on.  Here’s the link.
  • David Hobby has revealed that there are some major changes ahead for his Strobist website.  Don’t worry, they’re all changes for the greater good if you ask me.  Mr. Hobby mentioned that he is going to cover more types of off-camera lighting and not just flashes.  I think it’s great and I applaud at the opportunity to learn more about lighting from him.  Here’s the link to read more about it.
  • There’s a great article from Shutterbug that I read recently about Wacom’s new Bamboo line of tablets.  Graphics tablets allow you to have a TON more creative control over your images and Photoshop work because you are using a pen tool instead of a mouse.  Prices start a just $79.00 and they are said to be well worth it.  I currently don’t use a tablet, but I’m seriously considering it.  Here’s the link.

That’s it for today.  I hope you are having a great week.  Shoot anything yet???


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