Product Shot: BEER!!!

In an effort to continue the emphasis on DIY photography and studio gear, here’s a product shot that I took to help illustrate a cool setup I learned from photographer Nick Wheeler.  Here’s a link to the write-up on Nick’s setup.

Here’s my shot:


There can be quite a bit of work that goes into a setup like this.  The beer bottles are sitting on a piece of glass.  I’ll warn you now, have a lot of Windex and a lint-free cloth around.  The way it’s lit will show every single spec of dust!  My setup included an SB800 fired at 1/2 power into a Westscott silver umbrella set at camera right, aimed directly at the side of the bottles.  I placed a 30″ x 40″ piece of white foam core camera left for fill.  The glass set on top of an open cardboard box with an SB28 inside fired up at 1/4 power to give the bottles some glow.  I cloned out the back edge of the glass in Photoshop and I also removed any dust that the Windex missed.  If you try this shot out, you’ll see what I mean!  I triggered both of my Speedlights with my trusty Cactus V2s triggers.  They work like a charm!  I used my piece of black cloth that I wrote about yesterday as my background.

As you can see, this setup is pretty easy to re-create yourself.  Try it out and let me know how it works for you.  Send me your shots as well, I’d love to see them!  That’s all for today, now go out and shoot something! 🙂  


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