Back From NYC!

                                                                                                                                                              _DSC0095 Hey everyone, I hope you had a great Easter weekend!  I’m back from my trip to NYC.  I had a great time and got to spend a lot of quality time with my family, which was awesome.  I saw the usual tourist sights and I also spent some time at some local, secret dining spots that are a bit off the beaten path.  Only New Yorkers know ’em, and I’m glad that I had one with me.  A friend of my Dad’s (who happened to be in Manhattan the same time we were) is from New York and he showed us around.  No better way to see the city than with someone who’s from there.


My daughter got the opportunity to go to the American Girl store on 5th Avenue.  Of course her Grandparents had to spoil her and got her a doll of her own.  If you have daughters that love dolls, stay away from that place!  I’m kidding really.  Maybe.  Anyway, they have  a doll salon, a doll emergency room, fashion assistants, and more.  This place is nuts!  And it’s certainly not cheap!  After we got back from the city, I took this shot with my daughter’s face in the box her doll came in.  All the processing was done in Lightroom.  No Photoshop required.

_DSC0087 People probably thought I was crazy while I was trying to get this shot.  I had my D40, my SB800, my Cactus V2s Triggers, and a carbon-based voice-activated light stand (my Mom).  To get everything in the frame, I had to lay down on the sidewalk and shoot up at them.  Oh the things we do for our craft.  I was glad to do it and I would do it again if I had to.  By the way, security is tight getting into the Statue so if you go, be prepared.  They are tougher than the TSA at any airport you have ever been to in the US, and I’m not exaggerating.  They didn’t give me a hard time about my camera gear, of which I was glad.  If I had brought a 600mm lens with me, that might have been a different story. 

_DSC0065 I did get a chance to stop by B&H Photo, which was awesome.  I didn’t get to spend as much time there as I would have liked, but then again… it would have been all day!  I had a great chat with Gerry, one of B&H’s resident Nikon experts.  We talked about quite a bit and he gave me some really interesting advice.  Like most serious Nikon shooters, I REALLY want a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR lens as well as a D300.  Gerry told me that if I buy the D300, I should save my cash and buy the 70-300mm VR lens instead of the 70-200mm f 2.8 VR.  (I know, I was shocked too.)  He went on to explain that with the low-noise capabilities of the D300 that I wouldn’t really need the fast glass unless I was going to do A LOT of shooting in extremely low light, sports shooting, or if I just wanted to throw away $1,100 bucks.  That’s why I love those guys, they are photographers too and they don’t try and upsell you… they give it to you straight.  Great job guys and gals!

Well, that’s it for today.  I hope you enjoy the shots and have a great week too!  Spend some time getting out and shooting, because as we all know, practice makes perfect! (Or so they say.)  🙂 


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