Studio Shooting Tips

DSC_0037-Edit It’s already Friday and I wanted to wrap up the week with some type of shooting tip or tips.  I thought for awhile about what to write about, and then it hit me… studio shooting!  I have been focusing a lot on lighting lately and so I’m positive that shooting in the studio is a great topic to talk about. 

First of all, a “studio” can be anywhere.  It can be in your apartment or house, in your garage, a rented office space, a warehouse, anywhere.  The key feature of a studio is that it removes most of the variables that we face when we shoot on location.  Some of those variables being weather, light, foliage, etc.  I think you get the point.  Without having to deal with or compensate for those things I just mentioned, you are more likely to get consistent results.  Now, this is provided you are familiar with your camera gear and your lighting.  If you aren’t, I feel it’s a little easier to learn the basics in the studio.  Once you have the basics down, you will find it less complex to make adjustments on the fly when shooting on location.

Plan your shoot!  We all want to work as efficiently as possible and if you don’t plan, you will certainly waste time.  With most variables absent, it should be much easier to plan your lighting, what backgrounds to use, what poses you want, what wardrobe will give you the look you want, etc.  When this really comes in handy is when you are renting a studio and paying for models.  Time is money and you don’t want to pay someone (or multiple people) while you are doing something you could have done at home or in your office.  Sure, sometimes things just strike us in the middle of a shoot and it isn’t planned.  You just don’t want your WHOLE shoot to be that way.

So there you have it.  Some tips that should help you get off to a great start in the studio.  Yes, I know the tips are a little broad.  Sure, I could have gone more in depth about lighting, models, or anything else.  But that wasn’t my goal.  I wanted to give some things that I found to be helpful and will hopefully give you a foundation to work up from.  Do you have your own studio experiences?  Post them in the comments for all of us to read!

Have a great weekend I’ll see you next week.  Just so you know, my posts may be few and far between next week since I’m heading to New York for a couple of days.  I hope to come back with some awesome shots to share with you and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two.  And you know I’ll be stopping in at B&H Photo to have a look around!   


2 thoughts on “Studio Shooting Tips

  1. great shot of santa.
    one of best things in photography studio is that can be virtually anywhere…i mean, you can achieve good results @ home…

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