Tuesday News Reel


Welcome to this week’s Tuesday News Reel!  Here’s what’s going on around the fascinating world of photography!

Scott Kelby is dedicating the entire week on his blog to lighting equipment for digital photography.  He’s titled it “Lighting Gear Week” and it looks to be very promising information about different types of gear/setups for different budgets.  Yesterday he talked about the ultra-portable, ultra-inexpensive setup and today through the rest of the week he will build upon that foundation.  If you’re in the market for some new lighting gear be sure to check it out.  Even if you aren’t, it’s certainly worth the read.  Here’s the link.

Jeff Revell hosted his PhotoWalkPro in Washington, D.C. this past weekend and it looks like a great time was had by all.  If you have ever wondered what a photo walk is all about, Jeff’s site does a great job of explaining it and he’s posted some great shots that were created that day.  Be sure to check it out.  Here’s the link.

Here’s a pretty cool photography contest if you have the drive and desire to put your images up against other photographers for the chance to win some cool prizes.  The contest is called “The CuteKid Contest” and the subjects for the images are (you guessed it), kids!  If you love shooting (er, photographing) kids as I do then you will want to check this site out.  There are categories for kids of all age groups and the contest runs every month and the monthly winners are entered into a “CuteKid of the Year” contest.  Here’s the link.

If you haven’t been over to Nikon USA’s web site lately, you will want to go check it out.  They have completely re-designed their site and it’s full of the same great information as well as some incredible images.  Here’s the link.

Well, that’s all the news that is news for today.  I hope your week is going great! Now get out there and release that shutter!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday News Reel

  1. i’ve been involved in thecutekid site for about a year… they have been suprisingly great. they give this free canvas portrait with a contest entry… and we have it hanging in the hallway.. get compliments all the time. anyhow.. just wanted to chime in.

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