"In My Room…"


Ok, I know what you’re thinking but this post has nothing to do with the Beach Boys.  I thought I would share with you how life is here in Wallops Island.  I took the above picture of my room here in my barracks because I was extremely bored.  I’m not kidding.  But, I had fun doing it and learned a little bit along the way.  I shot it with my D40 with an 18-135mm Nikkor lens at 18mm, f5.6, 1/40.  I used my SB-800 with Nikon Diffusion Dome off camera with a CTO gel and white balance set to Tungsten in camera.  I triggered the flash with Cactus V2s triggers.  I set the flash on it’s little stand behind the plant that you see on the upper-right of the photo and bounced it off the ceiling.  I really would have liked to use another flash, but didn’t have my SB-28 with me.  I could have used the other flash to tame some of the shadows that you see.  The room was a little tough because it had incandescent and florescent lighting.  The goal is to try and make the flash match the ambient lighting in the room so that you couldn’t tell that a flash was used.  There’s another part of the room that you cannot see in the photo, but I would have needed a REALLY wide lens to get it all.

Surf back here tomorrow for the “Thursday News Reel” and remember, the week is half over today!  One more thing… don’t forget your special someone as tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  I hope you ordered those flowers!


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