I’m Back… With A BOOM!

You like the title?  You’ll love the pictures then!  Ok, that was really lame.  At any rate, I’m back from my trip at sea but I flew out a day later to come to beautiful Wallops Island, VA for some Navy training.  Ok, I’m embellishing a little on the beautiful part… this place is in the middle of NOWHERE!  I’m on travel for the next 3 weeks, but the nice part is that I’m close to Washington, D.C. which means that I will have some time to get up there and shoot!  I brought all my gear with me and I’m looking forward to shooting in our Nation’s Capital. 

I have some pictures to share with you from my recent sea excursion.  While underway, we shot our 5″ gun with both ERGM and standard rounds.  The ERGM rounds pack a little more punch and travel a little farther than the standard 5″ rounds do. 

ERGM Round 

Standard Round 

Both shots were taken with my D40 and a Nikkor 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 lens from inside the ship’s bridge.  For safety reasons, the shipyard will not let us be outside during the gun shoots.  The Navy provides me with a great opportunity to capture things that most people don’t get to see or experience.  As the great Joe McNally says, you have to get your camera in a different place!

I hope you enjoy the shots and I have some interesting ideas in store for the blog this week.  How’s your week going? 🙂


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