Homemade Snoot For Your Flash

We’ve talked about getting your flash off the camera and using it wirelessly.  Here’s a really simple way to make a homemade snoot for your flash so that you can create some really dramatic lighting with it. 

Required Materials:

  • 1 Roll Gaffers Tape (duct tape works too, but it isn’t light tight)
  • 1 Empty Cereal Box
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape or Ruler

Measure the end of your flash so you know what the dimensions of your snoot will be.  Next, measure and draw out each piece that you will cut out of the cereal box.  Use a ruler or straight edge to keep your lines straight.  Cut out your snoot pieces.  By the way, you can make the snoot as long as you want.  I encourage you to try different sizes (6″, 8″, 10″, 12″).  Once you have all the pieces cut out, pull and tear off a piece of gaffers tape that is just shorter than your cardboard pieces are long.  Lay it on your working surface sticky side up. (Note: you want to have the plain side of the cardboard on the inside of the snoot and the colored side facing out.  If you have colors on the inside of your snoot it will create color casts in your light.  Not a good thing!)  Next lay two pieces of cardboard on the piece of tape lengthwise, using one half of the tape for one piece and the other half for the other piece. (Note: you should be laying one wide piece of cardboard next to a narrow piece.  The wide pieces are the top and bottom of your snoot and the narrow pieces are the sides.)  Repeat the same process but attach another piece to the same two pieces that you just taped together.  When you have all the pieces taped together, it should be in the order of WIDE, NARROW, WIDE, NARROW.  Add one more piece of tape to the very bottom so that when you fold the pieces over to make your rectangular snoot, you can tape it into place.  Proceed to cover your snoot on all sides with tape.  This will make it more durable and it will help prevent any light from escaping the seams.  Now you have a snoot that will fold flat to go in your camera bag and it cost you mere pennies! 

I hope you enjoy the tip and put it to good use!  Let me know how yours turned out!  Have a great day! 🙂


One thought on “Homemade Snoot For Your Flash

  1. Sweet! I have been looking for a tip like this. I had a friend who did a toilet paper roll trick to create special effect when she was in school and I have been trying to figure that out. . . Do you think this would work with my Nikon 5200?

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