Review: The Digital Photography Book Vol.2 by Scott Kelby

 Scott Kelby has done it again folks!  There was no doubt in my mind that this book was going to be anything less than excellent and after reading it, my assumptions were right on the money. 

Mr. Kelby’s first volume of this series, The Digital Photography Book, answered many questions and filled a need that had not yet been meet by any book that I had read about photography.  Instead of explaining the technical and scientific data about photography that would confuse and discourage most people, he simply explained how to set up the camera and provided valuable information about how to get “the shot”.  The Digital Photography Book covered, wedding, landscape, sports, travel and portrait photography as well as how to shoot flowers, avoid digital disasters, and gave recipes to obtain certain types of shots.  Most importantly, the book showed readers how to take their photography to the next level and make their photos look more like the pros and less like everyday snapshots.

The Digital Photography Book Volume 2 picks right back up where Volume 1 left off.  Kelby wrote the book at the request of his readers who asked for more information about using external flash, building a studio, more wedding and landscape tips, and well… more everything.  And I must say, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.  Like Volume 1, the book offers a “show me how to do it” approach.  Think of it as you and the author out shooting together and if you were to ask him how to do something, he would simply tell you or show you rather than lecture you.

The chapter in the book that struck me the most was Chapter One, Using Flash Like A Pro.  Kelby covered a lot of ground here.  He talks about things like using gels to balance the color of your light with the ambient light your shooting in, getting the flash off the camera and why it’s so important, using your flash wirelessly, and generally how to get the most out of your external flash.  A speedlight is the most portable light source there is for photographers and when used along with the information in this chapter you can get some incredible results with your photos.

Chapter Two covers Building A Studio From Scratch, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The thought of trying to put together even a small studio can be a little overwhelming.  What do I need to buy first?  How do I set everything up?  This chapter answers those questions and more.  If you have ever thought about setting up even a small studio in your home, this chapter is for you.

I could go on and on about the book, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.  All of the tips are very informative and helpful.  If you’re interested in photography, you are sure to enjoy it.  If you haven’t read Volume 1 yet, I recommend that you do.  However, you won’t be completely lost if you read Volume 2 first. 

The Bottom Line:
The Digital Photography Book Volume 2 provides it’s readers with a wealth of photography information from Kelby’s years of experience with photography and it’s sure to be a best-seller. 


7 thoughts on “Review: The Digital Photography Book Vol.2 by Scott Kelby

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  2. Stephen,

    I agree with your assessment. I have Scott’s first book and I thought it was great. I carry two books in my camera bag, the owners manual for my camera and Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Book Vol I. It is a great reference. I have the 2nd volume coming any day now and I can’t wait to crack it open. As a retired Master Chief myself I can only say us sailors know quality when we see it. Thanks for all you do shipmate. I’m going to go look at your photo gallery now.

    Best Regards,
    Dennis Dwyer
    ITCM(SW) USNR (ret)

  3. Too bad I only just bought the first edition a few months ago! Like the other poster, I too keep it in my camera bag. Kelby makes color photography accessible to everyone with his first book, something millions have tried but few have achieved. Even his (lame-ass) jokes make the book worth a read, ’cause they’re so bad they’re funny

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