Killer Photoshop Effect: 300!

You have all heard me talk (or write) about “The Photoshop Guys” and Photoshop User TV.  On last week’s episode, Matt Kloskowski showed off his rendition of the “effect” used in the movie ‘300’.  I had to share this with you because I tried it on a couple of my images and I really dig it.  I liked it so much in fact that I saved it as a User Preset in Lightroom for handy, future use.  I won’t go into the “how-to” here.  You can go over and check that out and get it straight from “The Photoshop Guys”.  You can view the episode here.  Here’s an example of the effect on an a quick self-portrait:

Processed Using the “7-Point System”

Same Image with the “300 Effect”

So that’s it for today, I hope you will go check out Photoshop User TV and try the effect out for yourself.  You can perform it in Adobe Camera Raw or in Photoshop Lightroom. 

I’ve got some cool stuff for the rest of the week so be sure to check back.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting my thoughts and mini-review of Scott Kelby’s newest book, The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 2!  Until then, keep clicking that shutter release!


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