Broadway Photo: Stay Away!!!


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I couldn’t let this go without making it known to all of you. I’m also not one to bag on companies unless they provide REALLY POOR service or if they do something that I view as wrong.

I have been noticing two-page, full-color ads in the back of my favorite photography magazines for a company called Broadway Photo. They advertise that they have the lowest prices around. For example, a BRAND NEW, HARD TO GET, BARELY IN STOCK ANYWHERE Nikon D300 for $1349.99!!! I had to check them out so I went to their web site. It seemed completely legit so I decided to search Google for reviews. I wasn’t surprised at what I found.

My search for “Broadway Photo Reviews” turned up quite a few results. The first one was from a well-known web site called The very first thing I see on their site is an Admin Note that says: ‘We detected and disabled 50+ fraudulent “Very Satisfied” reviews for this merchant.’ WOW! Red flags are flying from my computer monitor like you wouldn’t believe. Their overall rating for the past six months was a whopping 2.31 out of a possible 10 and a Lifetime Rating of 1.27 out of 10. Interested in what makes them so terrible??? Read on.

From all the reviews I read, they seem to rely on the old “bait and switch” method by advertising super low prices. When an online order is placed, the user receives an e-mail a day or two later asking them to call and confirm their order. (Not so unusual these days.) When you call to confirm, the sales person explains that you ordered the Japanese version of the camera and that the battery will only last 15 minutes and that you need another one which will last a normal amount of time but costs an additional $100.00! The sales person also states that if you don’t want to read menus in Japanese, you need to order the US version which costs more. This seems to happen with still and video cameras according to the reviews.

Another common theme with this company is that when you refuse to buy their over-priced accessories your order status seems to go from “Awaiting Verification” to “Back-Ordered”.

I could go on and on and on about what I have read, but instead I will let you read for yourself. I’m positive that if you read what I did, you won’t be placing an order through Broadway Photo. Here’s the link to their reviews on

These people at Broadway Photo are borderline criminals and that is why I have and always will purchase my gear from places like B&H Photo and Adorama which have the best prices around and are legitimate businesses with whom A LOT of people do business.

Happy Monday! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Broadway Photo: Stay Away!!!

  1. I experienced this exact scenario and was totally applauded by how the sales guy treated me. My only hope is that he actually cancelled my order and won’t use my card info in a fraudulant way. Does the Better Business Bureau know about these guys? Any more info would be great..

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