Photographers: Some Share, Some Don’t

If there is one thing among photographers that irks the hell out of me, it’s those that choose to keep everything to themselves. A photographer friend of mine and I were talking one day about Gary Fong’s Lightsphere and he mentioned that he first noticed it when he was at a wedding (although he didn’t know what it was). He asked the photographer what is was and she refused to tell him. How insane is that? Personally, I’m willing to share everything I know with everyone that is interested. I learn from it, others learn from it, and it makes all of us better artists.

Ken Rockwell, is a photographer that lives in La Jolla, CA and maintains a website providing all kinds of information and reviews about anything and everything to do with photography. His website is an excellent resource and Ken shares everything with everyone. He’s even got a page titled, “Everything I know about photography”. Ken explains why he shares what he knows and expresses his feelings about those who aren’t willing to share. We seem to feel the same.) I don’t know Ken personally, but maybe one day will make his acquaintance when I return to San Diego. You can check out his website here.

Friday is right around the corner and the weather here is supposed to be a little warmer so I hope to get out and shoot a bit. Right now it’s 4 degrees outside! Brrrrrr! đŸ™‚


One thought on “Photographers: Some Share, Some Don’t

  1. Do you know what kills me the most? When Professors do that. They are the ones that are teaching you and they forbid to talk about their work with you. Instead they rely on textbooks. THAT erks me…

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