Louis Lesko on Models and Fashion Photography

I read a really interesting online article in Digital Photo Pro. The article is titled, “It’s About Sexy, Not Sex” which is very fitting. The author, Louis Lesko, describes his first model encounter on his very first fashion shoot and how that encounter influenced him and his professional relationships with his models throughout his career. “What happened,” you ask? I won’t spoil the read (which I think is great insight by the way), but I will tell you that it has everything to do with ethics and being professional when it comes to your models. Please don’t mistake that for me advising you that [models] are the only people that you need to be professional with. If you want to have any sort of career in professional photography, it’s key that your reputation, ethics, and morals are strongly intact. All it takes is one momentary lapse in judgment and the word can spread like wildfire, sending your photography career into an uncontrollable, downward spiral. If you have or ever have any plans on shooting with models, read this article. It could potentially save your future career. You can read it right here.


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