Monday News Bits

Ah yes, another Monday has come and gone. Here’s what’s happening the in the world of digital photography:

  • Joe McNally, one of the world’s best photographers, has written a new book that should be out in bookstores soon. The new book is titled, “The Moment It Clicks: Photographer Secrets from one of the world’s top shooters”. The book not only contains some of McNally’s amazing images, but also is an advanced how-to for serious photographers who want to take their work to the next level. He shares not only camera settings for getting the images, but also how to change the way you think about photography. Joe’s work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, and National Geographic to name just a few. In case you didn’t know, Joe is a Nikon guy and Nikon has posted a special section on their website with a special video clip that provides a look into how the book was created. Click here to watch it online. You can also pre-order Joe’s new book at and Barnes &
  • Dave Cross returns to Photoshop User TV! Yes fans, Dave Cross is back. Not that he really went anywhere (just vacation). You can check out the latest episode of Photoshop User TV on their website by clicking here. Photoshop User TV is produced by NAPP and is one of the most comprehensive resources out there for training and tutorials on everything relating to Photoshop. Check it out!
  • If you’re interested in making some money with your photographic skills, check out Photopreneur. They provide a lot of great information about how to sell your photos online, what it takes to be a professional photographer, and more. It’s a really useful resource and I check it often myself.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season. Until next time, keep pressing that shutter release! 🙂


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