What A Great Lens!

afnikkor50mm.jpgAs promised, I’ve got a short review on some glass that I recently purchased. It’s the Nikon 50mm f 1.8 prime lens. You may be wondering what makes this such a great lens. There are two things that really stand out: sharpness and price! You can pick up this prime lens for little more than $100.00! No, this is not a joke. I bought mine from B&H Photo for $104.95 (imported version) and in my opinion, it’s money that was REALLY well spent.

Performance wise, this lens really excels in low or available light due to it’s f 1.8 capability. I have used it for a few portraits and the images were tack sharp. The colors were very vivid, which I really like. It is an autofocus lens, but I cannot comment on it because I shoot with a Nikon D40 and this lens does not autofocus on a D40. The reason for this is the D40 is not autofocus compatible with D or G type lenses and this fine piece of glass is a D type lens. I haven’t noticed any CA or distortion in the images captured with this lens.

The Bottom Line: if you shoot in low-light situations, there isn’t a reason why you wouldn’t want to have this baby in your camera bag. Or, if you would just like to have some really fast glass that’s super sharp, you can’t go wrong. If I had to do it all over again, I would spend the cash without even thinking about it.

Happy shooting! 🙂


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