Thoughts For Wednesday

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Yesterday I posted about the Lightsphere II designed by Gary Fong. I did have one comment from hollynla who mentioned that she has had very good luck with the Demb Flip-It. I haven’t heard of this product before, however that’s irrelevant. I went to their website and there are some very nice looking shots that you certainly couldn’t achieve using direct flash. They even make a product that fits the Nikon SB-400 flash. Good on ’em! I’d say that it’s definitely worth checking out and you can find them on the Demb Flash Products website, here.

Above is a photo that I shot this weekend using the Lightsphere II. The post-work was done in Photoshop CS3 using the 7-Point System from Scott Kelby’s new book. Adding the techniques from the 7-Point System to my workflow has produced incredible results that I have been very pleased with. Be sure to check out Scott’s new book, and you can pick up a copy from or your favorite local bookstore.

The last thought for today is in regards to the new Nikon D300 which is on the street. Tech guru Terry White received his new body and has already written a review on it. You can read his review and more details about the hot new camera from Nikon on Terry’s Tech Blog.

That’s all the news that is news for today. Just a couple more days until the weekend! 🙂


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