Since I missed posting yesterday, I feel the compelling need to post a couple of things today. So, here goes. I would like to discuss an organization that I recently joined. That organization is the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (or NAPP). Made up of all different flavors of Photoshop users, the organization does a LOT for it’s members. First of all, you receive a subscription to Photoshop User magazine which is printed eight times per year. The newsstand price of the magazine is $10.00 per issue. Considering the $99.00 yearly membership fee, the magazine almost pays for the membership! You also receive numerous discounts on products, services, shipping, and more! I just ordered some more photography gear from B&H Photo and received a considerable discount on Next Day shipping. NAPP provides the most comprehensive Photoshop training anywhere in my opinion. Members also receive discounts on training seminars that are put on by Kelby Training. You can get more information and join right on their website.

I hope you enjoyed the double dose of photography info. Until next time!


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